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The Flathead Beacon is the largest independent news source in Montana and we plan on keeping it that way. We’re even looking to expand the coverage we’re able to provide, and to do that we’re launching the Beacon Editor’s Club.

Since we began publishing in 2007, our content has always been available for free and nothing about that is changing. But by joining the Editor’s Club, you’re securing our future and allowing us to do even more to cover the stories that matter most to our friends and neighbors in the Flathead Valley. Plus, members gain access to our Editor’s Club page and an interactive podcast, and get the chance to talk directly with Beacon reporters in a closed Facebook group and at members-only events.



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Everything included in the monthly plan, PLUS your choice of an 18×24” Glacier National Park poster ($25 value)

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Everything included in the monthly plan, your choice of an 18×24” Glacier National Park poster ($25 value) AND an annual mail subscription to Flathead Living ($25 value)


The Ask the Beacon podcast is all about members. We solicit questions or topic suggestions from members, then go out and do the reporting to get you the answers! When it’s done, the podcast is available only to members of the Editor’s Club. Click below to hear a sample episode.

The suggestion for this episode came from member David Buckingham, who asked about aquatic invasive species in Northwest Montana after reading a story about Glacier National Park’s proposal to release a fish toxicant in the Upper Camas Drainage to eradicate invasive fish. Research ecologist Clint Muhlfeld and Beacon Senior Writer Tristan Scott are the guests on this episode, which delves into the history of invasive trout and what lessons, if any, can be translated to the ongoing quest to keep out invasive mussels.


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